Lighting Installation & Maintenance Services

Whether you are installing a completely new lighting system, redesigning or need maintenance on your existing lighting system, we can help!  Quantum Lighting & Electric Co. has been providing reliable and affordable services to commercial, industrial and institutional sectors for over 20 years.

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Planning to install new lighting?


New or upgraded lighting design will brighten up and modernize your facility, create a pleasant, more efficient environment and enhance safety and security. Let our team of skilled electricians help you with your project.

Lighting Design & Consulting

  • Light level calculations
  • Fixture layout design
  • Fixture specifications
  • Load calculations & reductions
  • LED lighting retrofits
Interior Lighting

  • Office lighting
  • Retail store lighting
  • Warehouses & factories
  • Accent & task lighting
  • Daylight harvesting sensors
  • Occupancy sensor controls
  • LED lighting retrofits
Exterior Lighting

  • Directional boring & excavating
  • Underground conduit & wiring
  • Concrete pole & sign bases
  • Light pole erections
  • Automated lighting controls
  • LED lighting retrofits

Commercial Landscape Lighting

  • Line voltage
  • Low voltage
  • Accent, path, area & flood
  • Underground wiring
  • Automated lighting controls

Lighting & Sign Maintenance Services:


Lighting maintenance is an important but often ignored part of the upkeep of any facility. Regular and planned maintenance of your existing lighting enhances safety and security, maintains a brighter more pleasant atmosphere and ensures your system is running at optimum efficiency therefore lowering your operating costs. Quantum offers complete lighting maintenance services using our fully-stocked Aerial Bucket Trucks that reach 58 feet working height and are operated by skilled electricians.

Parking Lot and Security Lighting Services

  • HID lamp & ballast replacements
  • Group re-lamping
  • Fixture washing
  • Broken lens replacements
  • Water seal repairs
  • Underground fault locates
  • Underground power fault repairs
  • Light pole re-torque and levelling
  • Concrete base repairs
  • Timer control adjustments
  • Photocell replacement
  • LED lighting retrofits
Fluorescent and Neon Signs Services

  • Fluorescent lamp & ballast replacement
  • Neon tube fabrication and replacement
  • Neon transformer replacements
  • Socket and damaged wiring repair
  • Sign frame repairs
  • Sign face replacements
  • Water access prevention & drainage
  • LED lighting retrofits

Office, Retail and Warehouse Lighting Services

  • Fluorescent lamp & ballast replacements
  • HID lamp & ballast replacements
  • Group re-lamping & re-ballasting
  • Fixture washing
  • Lens and diffuser replacement
  • LED lighting retrofits

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