Infrared Scanning & Electrical Maintenance Services

Quantum’s over 20 years experience in the electrical field enables you to benefit from prompt response times and courteous, knowledgeable service technicians. Service trucks are equipped with tools, equipment and materials to make every service call efficient therefore minimizing your down time.

Infrared Scanning – Thermography


Infrared scanning – thermography is non-contact reading and study of heat signatures in electrical systems.

  • Annual infrared scanning of electrical distribution equipment can detect and identify potential problems that are caused by overloading, poor connections, material aging and deteriorations. These potential problems (identifiers) are often referred to as “hot spots”.
  • Infrared scan will provide a “thermal image” that will visually locate and identify potential safety problem or fire hazards.
  • Digital images are recorded at the same time as thermal images. Digital images are used as a visual identification tool of scanned equipment.
  • Thermal and digital images are saved and then recorded and analyzed in a report. Reports provide our clients with a detail inventory of the scanned equipment on the premises.
  • Early non-contact detection without interrupting service can reduce unscheduled power outages and premature equipment failures.
  • Repairs of equipment can be scheduled for off hours with appropriate notice to residents, tenants or production facilities to avoid inconveniencies, production and operations interruptions.

Electrical Maintenance Services

One call to our friendly support staff will dispatch a certified electrician in a well-equipped service truck to investigate any electrical problem you may encounter. Our trouble-shooting skills will provide quick results. We provide electrical maintenance services to broad range of installations and equipment:


  • Computer server room power supply, UPS
  • Industrial & manufacturing equipment
  • Annual testing and repairs to emergency lighting & Exit signs
  • Fans, pumps, compressors & motors
  • Electric heaters, ceiling fans, thermostats
  • Ramp heating, snow melting
  • Pipe heat trace wiring
  • CO2 detection equipment
  • Fire Alarm system repairs
Electrical Service Installations

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