Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits

Companies, industries, institutions and homes across Canada are moving toward energy efficient lighting. Why? Because it makes sense – to protect the environment and reduce energy costs.


Considerable operating cost savings are realized immediately following conversion to energy efficient lighting. Latest energy efficient lighting consumes less power than older, often obsolete light fixtures, resulting in lower utility bills, lower maintenance cost generating significant long-term savings.


Provincial government offers generous financial incentives to convert older lighting systems with technologically advanced up-to-date systems that are energy efficient and produce pleasant flicker-free light. Incentive programs help make the initial retrofit investment affordable therefore reducing the payback period. ‘Green Lighting’, is the enlightened approach to brighter, more modern lighting and a cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Our Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit Services include:


  • Energy audits
  • Lighting level calculations
  • Existing lighting fixture retrofit/redesign
  • Lighting layout re-configurations to suit facility operations
  • Specification for LED, HID, and T5 & T8 fluorescent lighting systems
  • Fixture demonstrations & mock-up test installations
  • Application submission to your Hydro Utility Company for OPA rebate incentives
  • Third party financing

Quantum is an industry leader that has the experience to provide you with a turnkey energy efficient lighting retrofit. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and in that time we’ve implemented retrofits in warehouses, schools, manufacturing facilities, retail, government and municipal buildings, garages and parking lots.  We are fully equipped and staffed to handle your project professionally from start to finish.

LED Retrofit Case Study – 110 Crockford Blvd., Scarborough

Before : 10 year old 2’x2’ deep cell louver with 3 – 40 watt T5 lamps 3500K

After : 2’x2’ LED panel 40 watts 4000K

Result : 60% energy savings, 20% light level increase, flicker free & hum free lighting, reduced maintenance cost

Before : 10 year old 8’ industrial strip fixtures with 4 – 32 watt T8 lamps 4100K

After : 2’x4’ LED panel 53 watts 4000K

Controls : occupancy sensors were installed in warehouse and staff washroom to prevent light staying on when unoccupied

Result : 59% energy savings, reduced maintenance cost

Before : 10 year old 250W High Pressure Sodium wall fixtures at rear parking lot and 150W High Pressure Sodium wall fixtures at side driveways and front parking lot

After : 80 watt LED flood fixtures for rear parking lot, 40 watt LED wall fixtures for side driveways and front parking lot

Controls : photocell was installed on the side of the building to ensure dusk to dawn operation (No need for time adjustment)

Result : 78% energy savings, instant ON – no warm up, significant light quality improvement, ability to recognize colour in night condition, reduced maintenance cost

Before : F84 daylight 110W high output fluorescent lamps with magnetic high output ballast

After : 6W double sided LED modules and electronic driver

Result : 70% energy savings, reduced maintenance cost

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