Aerial Bucket Truck Services

Need to work at heights on your next project? Quantum provides quality bucket truck and scissor lift services for all your aerial needs. Our trucks reach a working height of 58’. All trucks are dispatched with experienced, certified operators.

Please call our office for availability and rates at (416) 752-8882 or E-mail us

What is an aerial bucket truck?


An aerial bucket truck, also known as a cherry picker, is an aerial work platform or a bucket attached to the end of hydraulic lifting device that is mounted on the truck. An aerial bucket truck is used for temporary lifting and lowering workers to hard-to-reach areas that are hazardous for ladders.


Why should you use our bucket trucks?


  • Safe access to hard to reach areas
  • Our trucks reach a working height of 58 feet
  • We offer low hourly rates
  • More economical than minimum daily rates plus delivery from equipment companies
  • All dispatched trucks include the services of an experienced operator
  • We have over 20 years of experience in the business
  • Our trucks are safe—they receive annual vehicle and aerial device inspections

What are some common uses for bucket trucks?


Bucket trucks are commonly used in both public and private sectors for just about any project that requires people to reach and work in areas that are unattainable or unsafe for ladders. Here are just a few of the many uses for an aerial bucket truck:


  • Graffiti removal
  • Painting, caulking, brick repairs
  • Roof & eves installations and repairs
  • Tree and branch removal, landscaping services
  • Flags, signs and banners installations
  • Security camera repair, cleaning & installations
  • Aerial filming and photography
  • Christmas decoration, lighting, banners

Please call our office for availability and rates at (416) 752-8882 or E-mail us